Wesley St. James Total Transformation

Located in Sandy Springs, one of Atlanta’s hottest and most sought after suburban neighborhoods with great dining, shopping and entertainment options, Wesley St. James has just completed an inspiring and innovative renovation.  Avila Real Estate acquired Wesley St. James in February 2015 and since then, has focused on responding to the changing community and technology culture in the marketplace.  Avila’s redesign of this circa 1996 development focused on five key elements:   

  • Interior Unit Renovations -- including the addition of hard surface flooring, stainless steel appliances, modern lighting, hardware and more.
  • Leasing Center and Community Clubhouse — Avila’s desire was to create a more engaging and inviting space for the management team and the residents alike.  By moving walls, adjusting ceiling heights, modifying details and adding the latest technology throughout, the community clubhouse is now a functional, collaborative and comfortable space.
  • Amenities — Our fitness center and pool now boast a modern new design, new equipment and furnishings and the tennis court has been resurfaced.  Wesley St. James also enjoys a nature trail connecting to the 30-acre John Ripley Forbes Big Trees Forest Preserve tree, plant and wildlife sanctuary.
  • Signage, Landscaping and Lighting.  New signage, lush new landscaping and LED lighting now embrace the community.
  • Exterior Building Renovations.   Avila wanted to bring Wesley St. James solidly into the 21st century and therefore made architectural modifications to the buildings, using quality materials,  which we hope prove to be timeless.

The entire renovation spanned eighteen months.