Avila Real Estate, LLC focuses in the following arenas:

  • Providing value to residents informs every aspect of land and property acquisition, design, construction and daily management

  • High-end and middle class urban apartment projects providing housing alternatives in Atlanta’s in-town areas.

  • Urban lifestyle locations and transit-oriented development opportunities with superior multi-model connectivity -- creating greater long-term value.

  • Medium-density projects anchored by residential, with small creative office and/or street retail components, appealing to urban renters with active lifestyle needs.

  • Developments within high barrier to entry, urban neighborhoods, leveraging existing amenities to effect transformation.

  • Creating sustainable and well conceived communities, meeting future resident needs, in locations that lack housing alternative.

  • Developments geared towards and influenced by their surroundings in aspects such as architectural aesthetics.

  • Exclusive off-market opportunities arising from existing relationships

Avila Target Market

  • Our target market cohorts are both Millennials and Baby Boomers. Millennials, as the youthful workforce driven by strong university infrastructure, and Baby Boomers, represent the two largest demographic generations in US history. Both seek similar connectivity, walkability and transit, green spaces, lifestyle retail and restaurants, and community environments that bring people together.

Design Process

  • Avila’s design process starts and ends with listening to the market through review, planning, and communication with community representatives. By hosting neighborhood meetings, inclusive of our design professionals, Avila is incorporates innovative design, green construction methods and cutting edge technology into our developments – all of which are paramount to meet renters’ housing demands.