Premier Business Centers

Avila Commercial Properties emphasizes  a pragmatic and creative approach to office leasing and management.  Our special concentration is on small to mid-size tenants who desire flexibility…both in space and in term.  We believe that the smaller tenant population is generally under-served in the marketplace, and we have conceived our company model to give respect and attention to this important segment of the business community.

We select our office properties for their prime locations and with a keen eye on convenient access for our tenants and their visitors.  Responsive, hands-on management, coupled with proactive maintenance, is our hallmark.  As the economy evolves, it is important for office offerings to match the changing needs and preferences, and our experienced team recognizes these developments as they arise.

For our guiding principle, Avila Commercial Properties truly understands that the owner’s objectives are always best achieved with the highest level of service to the tenants.