Avila’s investment services focuses on providing risk-adjusted multifamily investments.  We will always invest our own money in the transactions which directly align our interests with our partners.  Moreover, our proven 28-year management infrastructure operates on a bottom line driven model, focusing on both increasing revenues and minimizing expenses. We are disciplined real estate investors and managers with one basic goal: to maximize investment returns and exceed the expectations of our partners and investors.

Currently, Avila is seeking ground up development, acquisition, and reposition opportunities of garden-style, mid-rise, and wrap apartment communities in the urban and surrounding suburban markets in the Southeast.  Avila’s target properties are those whose values have been impaired by mismanagement, operational inefficiencies, inadequate capitalization, and continued deferred maintenance.  The primary objectives include rehabilitating existing properties by improving operating cash flow and maximizing the value of the investment before disposition.

Avila has acted as an agent in developing, acquiring, financing, and restructuring of approximately $880 million in assets.